• warm

    Warm up & Basics : DVD

    The DVD’s timeline is 57 minutes.

    This DVD contains more than 40 simplest and easiest way of heavy body workout.

    Complete toe to head fitness program.

  • kick new

    Course A : DVD

    The DVD’s timeline is 47 minutes which visualize the techniques of Self Defense.

    This will be the SIMPLEST, EASIEST & MOST useful key to learn the basics of Self Defense.

  • course

    Course B : DVD

    The DVD’s timeline is 48 minutes which visualize the techniques of Ground Combat.

    The main moto behind this is to train those who know Karate, Marshal Arts or have completed “Course A”. This DVD is for advanced users.


*Have you ever faced an attack of criminal?
*Are You Fed Up With Feeling Uneasy Every Time You Use An Underground Parking Lot?
*Do You Feel Anxious about Yours / your Daughter’s Safety?
*Have You Ever Been Sexually Harassed And Not Known How To Deal With It?

Here is the solution!
India’s first self defense kit

Knock Out Secrets takes techniques and moves from the karate and kuniba ryu goshindo systems of self-defence, and is divided into three main segments. Each segment is taught differently and starts with basic fitness education, gradually moving on to basic moves and finally to self-defence techniques.For maximum understanding of the techniques, the DVD uses six different camera angles and has a complete voiceover.Get it now!


This DVD set contains “Course A” and Course B comprising an audio-visual overview of basic warm-up exercises and fundamental moves that are the SECRETS of Karate and Kuniba Ryu Goshindo systems of self defense, besides other forms of martial arts.

These techniques have been simplified and demonstrated so as to be easily learnt by students from all walks of life-women, working professionals, children, teenagers and young adults, senior citizens, etc.

Anyone from 14 years onward with the required levels of physical fitness, dedication and perseverance can master these techniques at home, with practice.